Over four years CITY|SPACE, a non-profit art organization co-founded and co-directed by Matthew Myers, curated and presented Asphalt Shorts, an outdoor festival of short films that explore the urban experience. Showcasing new work from local filmmakers, new and classic material from filmmakers around the world and archival film material from the Prelinger Archives, Asphalt Shorts presents the city in all its glory, chaos and pathos. From the quiet atmospherics of San Francisco’s N-Judah light rail, to the dangerous prescriptions of mid-century redevelopment specialists, Asphalt Shorts is an entertaining and insightful ride through the changing city.

Asphalt Shorts is screened out-of-doors in Oakland and San Francisco and is free of charge. With over 200 attendees on average, the series helps the city come alive with people, music and film. As with all city|space events Asphalt Shorts both entertains and engages audience members while enlivening the surrounding city.

What we did

Graphic Design, logo design, public relations, curation, & project management

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