In 2006 CITY|SPACE, a non-profit art organization co-founded and co-directed by Matthew Myers, curated and presented the exhibit Get on the Bus, a reconsideration of the experience, culture, and meaning of our nation’s least-loved transit mode. Stigmatized as the transit of last resort-the realm of the poor, elderly, and infirm-the bus nonetheless moves millions of people every day. Get on the Bus illustrated the world of the bus as a ubiquitous but neglected arena of city life.


An open call drew submissions from seven countries and included fine art, documentary photography, lighthearted urban interventions, and a range of film and video projects. In addition, innovative, historic, and artistically modified buses were on display. Get on the Bus was exhibited in a 9000 square-foot renovated warehouse space and included two nights of panel discussions and an evening of bus related films. In addition CITY|SPACE published a companion anthology entitled “Get on the Bus: Short and True Tales of Bus Travel.” Get on the Bus was on display for over two weeks and drew more then 1500 visitors to the temporary gallery space. The exhibition was supported in part by a grant from the LEF foundation, and with the help and cooperation of MUNI, AC Transit, the Martin Building Company and SPUR. Matthew was responsible for all graphic design, public & media relations, in addition to sharing duties for curation, exhibition design and project management.

What we did

Graphic Design, logo design, public relations, curation, project management and exhibition design.

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