Kunming City, China


The initial phase of work for the Kunming Eco-Communities studied the development potential of a 640-acre watershed planning area. Ecological and sustainable practices were implemented to drive a plan that will exist within a very sensitive environment of pine forest, steep ravines, and hydrological systems. The development plan was based on the following five principles: 1. The use of development clusters to provide strong open space pattern with continuous open space corridors throughout the site. 2. The development of these clusters only in previously disturbed areas or areas of poor habitat quality. 3. The minimal disruption to natural hydrologic patterns, and the opportunity to mitigate stormwater through infiltration and catchment basins. 4. The use of efficient cut/fill grading techniques to limit disturbance. 5. A plan for reforestation to reconnect continuous open space areas and habitat. Subsequently, two phases of the development have been built following these guiding principles.  Completed while with the SWA Group.

What we did

Urban design, Landscape architecture, master planning, and graphic design

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