City of Oakland, Economic & Workforce Development


In 2014 MmM Design began working with the city of Oakland to create an automobile and pedestrian signage program for the city’s Uptown district. Working with the city, stakeholders and a technical advisory group, MmM Design analyzed signage needs, international best practices, and automobile and traffic patterns into and throughout the downtown. Through this research MmM Design went on to create a signage matrix (detailing sign locations), design guidelines and a series of signage designs for the project. The Design Guidelines and subsequent sign designs for the project were completed in the fall of 2015 and will serve as the basis for future signage throughout not only the Uptown but the entirety of the Downtown Central Business District. The first phase of the signage program focusing on pedestrian wayfinding and around Oakland’s Uptown was installed in December of 2016.  MmM Design was ably assisted on this project by the urban design firm Urban Field Studios (

What we did

Graphic Design, logo design, public relations, curation, project management and exhibition design.

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